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Current Inventory

Never Duplicated or Repeated! Each piece is only crafted once so that you can ensure that each piece maintains a unique and one of a kind feature, just like its purchaser. 

Styna Luce

Adventure is my passion, and I am a forever student of life. 

In my near 40 years I have done a lot to which some would call me a jack of most trades. From vocal performance to accounting, from U.S. Army Chemical soldier to jewelry maker, I bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to this craft. I have always held the belief that jewelry does not just have to be for fashion or status. Gemstones have been used by various cultures throughout human history to either negate energy or enhance energy in the environment which validated my belief that stones can be useful and encourage positive changes in the human psyche.  This venture will allow me to master a few different skills I have picked up along the way and to explore the rabbit hole of gemstone metaphysics.  

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